Sunlite Suite 2 First Class

USB and Ethernet, 3 DMX universes, network sync, smartphone & tablet control. The list goes on....

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The SUITE2-FC is our best controller for live
applications. It is compatible with Sunlite Suite 2 software in First
Class mode and therefore offers multiple extra functions:
- FULL mode 3D visualizer (2D views, layers, video recording...)
- Easy Show software
- Midi Time Code synchronization
with these amazing features, the SUITE2-FC interface comes with 3 DMX
universes (2 in stand alone), + 4 Art-Net universes, and powerful standalone features:
smartphone/tablet control, microSD card memory, multi-zone,
sunset/sunrise and daylight saving functions, IR receiver, dry contact
trigger ports and more.
SUITE2-FC interface is also compatible with the ESA Pro software.
Need more than 2 stand-alone DMX universes?
Connect several Suite2-FC-DMX controllers to a switch or router, then program a multi-universe show using the ESA Pro PC software with timelines and effects. One interface acts as a master, and the others follow with perfect precision making this the ideal control solution for LED matrixes and long distance installs.
Network control
Connect the Suite2-FC to a WiFi router for wireless control:
-Program and control live using the Suite2 (PC), ESA Pro (PC) or ESA2 software (PC/Mac)
-Program and control live using the Arcolis app (iPhone/iPad/Android)
-Create a customized screen design and control with the Easy Remote app (iPhone/iPad/Android)
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