Why join us?

At Nicolaudie we stay focused on innovation to cement our position as the leader in lighting control technology. We have a team of amazing people and are always looking for new talented individuals!

Our current available positions are listed below but do not hesitate to apply for a job. If nothing is available today, it can be tomorrow!

Available positions

DevOps / Cloud engineer - M/W

Lausanne, VD - Switzerland

Job Description and Missions

Our web and cloud department is growing up!

We are constantly evolving in order to provide our customers with the most efficient services. As a cloud engineer, you will participate in the design and development of cloud solutions like web services, RestFul APIs, websites but also cross-platform applications. We are looking for someone curious who quickly adapts to different situations and who is not afraid to learn new things every day! You will collaborate with other group departments such as the mobile app team as well as the "Hardware" team.

Our office is located in Lausanne (CH), more precisely in a co-working (Gotham Gare - https://gothamco.com). Gotham is a really nice co-working with a young and dynamic atmosphere. They organize events to help create links between co-workers and have good times.

The mains missions:

● Backend and frontend development (Node.Js, Vue.js, C++...).
● Developing RestFul APIs.
● Developing cross-platform applications.
● Managing the cloud infrastructure.
● Participate in the design of projects.

Required profile

● Engineering degree or equivalent (+5 years of study in IT)
● You need to have extensive experience working with cloud infrastructure (Compute
engine, deployment, networking...)
● You need to have extensive experience working with modern JavaScript (Node.Js).
● You need to have experience working with Frontend technologies (HTML, CSS SASS &
● Having C++ knowledge is valuable !
● You know about clean code, development best practices, and guidelines such as the
twelve-factor app.
● We speak French and English . Fluency in French and English is a must.
● Be an IT enthusiast and curious about learning new stuff !
● Have a genuine interest in creative projects which may include lighting, sound, video and
● Have good communication skills to easily communicate with other people to find
solutions to problems.

Please send your application by email with CV and cover letter to romain@lightingsoft.com.

Mobile App Developer

Brighton - UK

We are looking for a mobile app developer to join our team, working to build apps for Entertainment and Architectural Lighting control. Our apps are used by Lighting Designers all over the world to light up shows, monuments and bridges. Experience with Android or iOS development using Kotlin or Swift is essential. Suitable candidates will work with our existing small mobile app team at our office in Brighton, UK and communicate with our hardware and web developers at our offices around the world to take apps from the initial design stage all the way to App Store and Google Play submission. Part-remote working may also be possible.


● Have a genuine interest in creative projects which may include lighting, sound, video and design.
● Excellent communication skills. Someone who is able to easily collaborate and find solutions to problems.
● Passionate about working as part of a small team within a small/medium sized company with a start-up spirit, taking a project from the design stage to final release.

Desired Skills and Experience

● University degree or similar experience/qualification in engineering/computer science/maths.
● At least 2 years experience with Android/Java/Kotlin or iOS/Swift or similar mobile app development.

Why Nicolaudie?

● Join a high-growth company which has established a foundation in many countries over the past 30 years and is regarded as one of the market leaders in lighting control.
● Our Brighton office is located in the heart of the city, 2 minutes walk from the seafront and Brighton Pier.
● Our products are used by DJ’s and Lighting designers all over the world.
● Our team members play an active role in all aspects of the development. Programming tasks may be mixed with discussions with our customers and providing input on design ideas.

Here at Nicolaudie, we manufacture a wide range of cutting edge DMX lighting control software and hardware products using the latest technologies available. We offer control products for both the Entertainment and Architectural lighting markets. Our products are used all over the world, from lighting up Tower Bridge in London to landing jets in Antarctica.

If you are interested in this role, or you believe you have something to contribute to our team, please send your CV to uk@nicolaudiegroup.com

Technical Support Specialist

Brighton - UK

We are looking for someone to join our technical team in Brighton, providing technical support for our lighting control software and hardware products. Our controllers are used across the globe by leading lighting designers, to light up shows and iconic architectural monuments. Having been established in the industry for over 30 years, we benefit from years of research and development in architectural and entertainment lighting control and a global network of small offices, each with their unique start up spirit.

Job Role

● Manage technical support tickets.
● Demonstrate and promote our lighting control products to prospective and existing clients.
● Help develop our online presence and community by managing our social media pages and web forums.
● Test software and hardware features.
● Report bugs and feature requests.
● Manage basic repairs and exchanges of our hardware.
● Full-time position based at our office in central Brighton.

Profile requirements

● A keen interest and knowledge in creative computing is essential. For example, background knowledge in Design, Music or Video editing software.
● A proven ability to resolve technical issues.
● The ability to develop a working relationship with our customers.
● You will be multi tasking several web support tickets alongside e-mail, telephone calls and background tasks, therefore excellent organisational skills would be required.

Profile bonuses

● Some experience working with customer support.
● Experience within the entertainment or architectural lighting industry.
● Experience with lighting control software and hardware.
● Experience with customer services.
● Beginners programming knowledge (e.g.. HTML, PHP, Java Script).
● Fluency in French, Spanish, Italian or German.

If you are interested in this role, or you believe you have something to contribute to our team, please send your CV to uk@nicolaudiegroup.com

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