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The new ESA PRO has been specially developed for architectural lighting needs and combines innovations and ergonomic design. Of course, it has been especially designed for the S.T.I.C.K. features and the power of unlimited SDCARD memory. It includes new powerful tools required by the latest LED fixtures (timelines, multi-zone, calendar, matrix control...).


It is possible to setup several DMX zones for a show. It allows for a building to be split up for example and different sequences to be played in each room.


Each zone contains a list of scenes (sequences). They can be either static or dynamic and can be set to loop


In this window we can group the fixtures, setup their position and then use the "Rects" to define a virtual position for a sequence. We could for instance, play several videos on the same LED screen at different positions.


Every scene is built with the timelines. Thanks to this tool, it becomes very easy to build your show.


Various effects, static or dynamic (matrix effects, curves…) are available and can be dragged onto the timelines.

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