Broome Senior High School - Broome, Western AustraliaPowered by STICK-CW4

31 Aug 2020

Broome Senior High School - Broome, Western Australia

First look at the facade of Broome Senior High School in Broome, Western Australia. This impressive artwork by Jon Tarry, featuring perforated metal panels attached around the façade of the school is illuminated by Coolon’s Maxis 60W luminaires, manufactured for this project in a static Amber colour.

The fittings are controlled by our STICK-CW4 DMX controller, using the world clock function to trigger the lighting effects between sunset and 1am each day. The panels are indirectly illuminated from the side and are programmed using ESA2 to display a sequence of undulating movement and light chasing effects across the facade.

Because of the remote location of the project, the client was looking for a simple yet powerful set-and-forget control system for which Nicolaudie was able to provide an ideal solution.

Product: STICK-CW4
Artist: John Tarry
Architect: Bateman Architects
Lighting Manufacturer: @coolon.led.architectural
Lighting Partner: @lightingoptionsaustralia

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