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ScanLibrary is a tool which allows you to build and edit your .ssl2 fixture profiles.

SSL2 profiles

Facebook for lighting fixtures

An SSL2 profile is like a Facebook profile page for a lighting fixture. It contains information about how many channels a fixture has and the properties of each channel, such as a list of gobo images on a gobo channel. A profile also contains general information about a fixture such as the lamp type, power, size and an image.
Making a fixture profile has never been easier with our latest ScanLibrary editor. Simply drag and drop channels and properties, then upload your SSL on your user account to share with others!
The more accurate a fixture profile, the easier it will be for DMX software to get to know a fixture. Automatically generated buttons in Sunlite Suite 2, more accurate effects generation in Easy Stand Alone and a better 3D visualization in Easy View 3D are just some of the benefits of using a well made fixture profile.

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