Easy Show

Audio, video & lighting synchronization

Easy Show allows you to synchronize your Sunlite Suite or Sunlite Suite 2 lighting scenes with audio, video and MIDI timecode using timelines.

Audio, Video, Lighting

Drag & drop. Done.

Easy Show is included in our Sunlite “First Class” packages only. Programming lighting shows is carried out through timelines and blocks. To add a “lighting”
block, all you have to do is drag a button from your Sunlite page and drop it onto a timeline in Easy Show. Adding an “Audio/Video” block is equally easy since all
major multimedia formats are supported (WAV, MP3, CD, AVI, MPEG, etc).  The software layout is based on many popular audio and video editing applications whereby you can create folders called "Bins" to store your favorite lighting scenes, video and audio files.
With Easy Show, programming a synchronized-light show is mere child’s
play !

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Nicolaudie Group | Nicolaudie Easy Show : multimedia lighting synchronization software

Nicolaudie Easy Show multimedia lighting software provides audio, video, lighting and MIDI time code (MTC) synchronization