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Nicolaudie Architectural

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition


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LIGHTFAIR International 2018

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Logiciel Sunlite Suite 3

1ère version beta en ligne !


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Comparative chart


SLESA-IP1 IP VersionSLESA-U9 Entry level USBSLESA-U8 USB VersionSLESA-UE7 USB Ethernet SD Version
Prices $ 699 / 529 €$ 259 / 199 €$ 499 / 399 €$ 639 / 499 €
Windows XP/Vista/Seven 32/64-bit32/64-bit32/64-bit32/64-bit
USB connection
Ethernet connection
Internet connection
DMX Recorder software (PC)
Easy Stand Alone software (PC)
Easy Stand Alone 2 software (PC/Mac)
ESA Pro software (PC)
Sunlite Suite 2 Software (PC)
Easy View 3D Software (PC) Limited ModeLimited ModeLimited ModeLimited Mode
DMX channels 5122565122x512
Number of scenes 2552099250
Number of zones 1115
Stand Alone memory 32K20K128KmicroSD
Memory capacity (steps) with 20 channels 562911847677Unlimited
Memory capacity (steps) with 60 channels 21094392877Unlimited
Memory capacity (steps) with 512 channels 259 355Unlimited
Power voltage 9V DC 300mA5-5.5V DC 300mA
Up to 16v with external power (not USB)
5-5.5V DC 300mA5-5.5V DC 300mA
Power connector Round 2,1mmmini USBmini USBmini USB
Mechanical buttons 3333
touch-sensitive buttons
Internal HE10 extensions connector
Ports triggering 8888
Clock triggering 20 (not astronomical) 10040
RS232 triggering
Audio triggering
Infrared remote control
WIFI smartphone remote control

Nicolaudie Group | Nicolaudie Easy Stand Alone. Stand Alone DMX controller : SLESA RANGE

Nicolaudie provides professional DMX lighting control software for commercial, residential and domestic projects