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Sunlite Suite 2

Sunlite Suite


ESA Pro has been specially developed for architectural lighting needs and combines innovation and ergonomic design. It has been especially designed for the S.T.I.C.K. and includes powerful tools required by the latest LED fixtures (timelines, multi-zone, calendar, matrix control...).

Easy Stand Alone


Magic 3D Easy View

Easy View 3D can be used as a separate offline visualizer to be connected with a DMX IN interface and a DMX desk (see Magic 3D Easy View page for more information). The software is also bundled with all our lighting control software packages where it is linked internally.

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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition


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LIGHTFAIR International 2018

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Logiciel Sunlite Suite 3

1ère version beta en ligne !


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Nicolaudie Group | Téléchargement logiciels DMX 512 : contrôleurs pour interfaces USB DMX, sunlite drivers, outils DMX512

Nicolaudie Sunlite conçoit et développe la nouvelle génération d'interfaces USB DMX (contrôleurs pour interfaces USB DMX, sunlite drivers, outils DMX512) pour piloter tous les éclairages via des logiciels de contrôle de lumière DMX512 sur ordinateur.