Where can I buy your products?

You can purchase direct from us or from one of our distributors. See the distributors page to find your local reseller.

I am looking for on-site support/training...

Sometimes we may consider providing training for your staff at our offices. Alternatively we have many partners who provide support all over the world. Drop us an e-mail and we will put you in touch with someone.


I already have the software, now I´d like to buy the interface only

In fact, everyone already owns our full-version software programs. All you have to do is simply download them from our website. 

My interface is not detected

Make sure you are using the latest software version available from our website

I have a SIUDI1-SIUDI2-SIUDI5 interface which is not detected

- These old generation USB-DMX interfaces are
not 64bit compatible. Use a PC with a 32bit version of Windows
- E-mail us your serial number and we will give you a link to the correct software version

What are the pins on the rear of the interface for?

The port socket is a HE10 dry contact port socket. No voltage needs to be sent. Connect a relay from a switch. When one of the port pins shorts with the ground pin, the scene will be triggered and will stay on even after the port has been released. You can combine the ports in binary to enable you to have more triggers. We do not make any switches for these, however more information including manufacturers links can be found in the hardware manual.

I have a message saying I must update my firmware. What does this mean?

Firmware is the code which is stored inside your interface's memory chip. It includes important information to allow your interface to communicate with the computer and run in stand-alone. Sometimes we make updates to the firmware, or we will make a software update which will require a firmware update to work properly.
To update your firmware:
1. Make sure you have the latest software version installed from our website
2. Close any DMX software you may have running and open "tools.exe" which can be found in your software root directory (eg. C:->ESAPRO->tools.exe). You can also find this in the start->program files menu
3. Select the firmware tab and click update firmware
4. Wait 30 seconds whilst the firmware is updated and the interface resets. "Interface Not Detected" will appear whilst your interface is being reset


Where is the user manual?

You are already using a computer to run the software on, so why should we waste paper and ink and damage the environment by printing thousands of manuals in 10+ languages? You can view the manuals online or download a PDF if you need offline access.

What is the minimum configuration required for my computer? Minimum computer requirements:

Minimum computer requirements:
- PC computer working under Windows XP
- 1 Ghz speed processor
- 512 Mo Memory (RAM)
- video card supporting Microsoft Direct 3D with 32 Mb Memory
- 1024*768 pixel screen
Recommended computer requirements:
- PC Computer working under Windows 7
- 2 Ghz speed processor, dual core
- 1 Gb Memory (RAM)
- Video card supporting Microsoft Direct 3D with 256 Mb Memory
- 1280*768 pixel screen

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