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Job Offer, Montpellier - France

Job Offer, Montpellier - France

Android App Developer

We are looking for a developer to join our mobile app dev team. Experience with Android development is essential. Suitable candidates should be able work with our team at the office in Montpellier, France and over Skype with developers within our offices around the world to take the app from the initial design stage all the way to Play submission.

-The ability to write clean and readable code, balanced with the ability to have a task completed on time-Excellent communication skills. Someone who is able to easily collaborate and find solutions to problems which may originate from the code of another developer within the team
-Have a genuine interest in creative projects which may include lighting, sound, video and design
-Passionate about working as part of a small team within a small/medium sized company, taking a project from the design stage to final release
-Graduates and junior developers are welcome to apply

Desired Skills and Experience:
-Masters or similar in engineering/computer science/maths
-Experience with Android/Java development
-Creativity is a must. For example: interest in graphic design, music & video

If you are interested by this opportunity and are available immediately, please send your CV and cover letter to Bruno Falip

工作机会  Brighton – UK

工作机会 Brighton – UK


我们正在寻找一个高级开发人员加入我们的移动应用程序开发团队。有iOS和Android开发经验。求职者需要能够与我们的英国团队或者其他世界各地的办事处一起,在应用程序最初的设计阶段开始到最终应用在App Store和Play.

有iOS / Android / Objective-C /编码/ java开发经验
需要有创意 例如:对平面设计,音乐和视频有兴趣

如果你有兴趣,借这个机会,请将您的简历和求职信发送给 Simon Bennett

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