Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Easy Stand Alone 2 software has evolved over the years to become a worldwide reference for architectural lighting control. It only requires a few minutes to setup the software and gain full control of any kind of lighting.



SETUP: insert your lighting fixtures
EDITOR: easily create your scenes
USER: control your lights in live mode
STAND ALONE: write to the interface memory


Creating scenes can be carried out very easily. For each scene, the software allows you to determine any number of steps, the number of loops, as well as the following scene.


The vertical faders at the bottom of your screen correspond to the DMX level (0 to 255) for each channel. There are several ways to modify these levels.

Scene builder

Arrange your lighting fixtures and easily create stunning RGB/RGBW color mixing and moving effects with the new scene builder.


Each Step has a fade time and a waiting time which can be set. By creating several steps in sequence, you will then build a dynamic scene.

Easy Stand Alone 2Download

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