Luxury Resort - South ItalyPowered by SLESA-UE7

11 Sep 2019

Luxury Resort - South Italy

Musical fountain entirely designed by Cascade Fontane and located in a 5-star luxury resort in the south of Italy.

The system expands on a 700 m2 water surface and it consists of 213 Cascade fountain nozzles, 85 Cascade V-Fast 100 pneumatic valves, 268 Cascade Mizar RGB fountain lights, 11 dry pumps with inverters and 95 Cascade DMX-PWM4 converters, for a total of 380 DMX channels used.

Fountain components and lighting, hydraulic-pneumatic-electrical distribution system, technical room, control panels and DMX programming designed and supplied by Cascade Fontane.

Fountain components, design, lighting and supply: Cascade Fontane
Product: SLESA-UE7

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