The Palms - Maidstone, AustraliaControlled by STICK-DE3

11 Jul 2018

The Palms - Maidstone, Australia

This project consists of 63 x ‘In Ground’ recessed LED RGB DMX spot lights that are recessed into the base of the upper building facade to create a light wash up the gold colored Triangular facade cladding..

There are also 68 sets of 2.6M high LED RGB DMX Strip lights that are mounted into the leading edges of the gold coloured façade.

Both the spot lights & the strip lights are controlled as a complete integrated lighting display with different animated colors, patterns & changing speeds / effects with pre-programmed different specific color shows for special days of the year (Such as Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Christmas etc…) .

This Lighting feature is controlled by the STICK-DE3 DMX System.

Company: Major Graphics

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