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BLOC Club - Lyon, France

BLOC Club - Lyon, France

Controlled by Sunlite Suite 2

Posted on 08 Jun 2016

The BLOC Club in Lyon is one of the most famous club of the city and we are proud to say that the lighting install is controlled by our software.
7 DMX universes are necessary to control the lights with Sunlite Suite 2 through a SUITE2-FC interface and ArtNet outputs.
Here is a short description of the install:
- 12 beam BP2R from Nicols
- 16 white Curve from Nicols
- 10 wash led Birdy Wash 120 from Nicols
- 4 wash led WP500Z from Nicols
- 8 lyres led SP600X from Nicols
- 16 IR575S scanners from Nicols
- 4 5x5 blinders from Starway
- 2 3000W strobe lights
- 2 1500W strobe lights
- 1 LED screen with Resolume Arena
- 20 LED strobes lights
- 1 AKAI APC40

The BLOC Club

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