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Guangzhou Lighting Fair 2017 is over

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SSL Fixture profiles

SSL Fixture profiles

Requesting a missing device

Posted on 27 Dec 2016

If a SSL library is missing with your software install, simply click on "SSL Fixture profiles" from the top menu at and browse our complete SSL profile library.

For any reason, you are not able to find a particular fixture in our webstore library, just select "New fixture request" and follow the prompts. Please note, you will need to create a new account, should you not already be registered with our webstore.

We will not accept any SSL file request if not posted online.

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Nicolaudie Group | Nicolaudie Group : USB DMX 512 controller, stage lighting control, lighting controller software

Nicolaudie provides lighting controller software (USB DMX 512 controller, stage lighting control, lighting controller software) for professional use and the control of stage lighting effect