Easy View 3D

Real-time 3D visualizer

Easy View 3D can be used as a separate offline visualizer to be connected with a DMX IN interface and a DMX desk (see Magic 3D Easy View page for more information). The software is also bundled with all our lighting control software packages where it is linked internally.


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Easy View 3D comes with our Magic 3D Easy View interface, which connects the DMX signal from any controller (console/desk, software) to your computer. Easy View 3D also comes bundled with Sunlite and Easy Stand Alone packages and links internally.

When used with certain products (see product descriptions), Easy View 3D allows for communication over several Ethernet protocols (ArtNet, Sand-Net, ACDI, MEVP) from the lighting desk to the computer. The software can visualize up to 4 DMX universes (2048 channels).

With Easy View 3D, you will be able to visualize light beam movements, gobos, iris, colors, RGB/CMY color changing, shutter/dimmer, frost, zoom effects, and even prisms and gobo shake. With the ability to produce 3D video renders in addition to 2D plans and fixture lists, EasyView 3D is one of the best value for money visualizers on the market.

Easy View 3D has LIMITED MODE and FULL MODE. To gain access to the FULL MODE features, you must have a compatible interface connected (see product descriptions).

FULL MODE allows access to the following additional features:
- Video recording
- 2D views
- Reports management
- .3ds and .dxf object importing
- Object and fixture grouping using layers

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